I’m moving house!

Not me physically, but my blog.

Putting my money where my mouth is, my blog will be hosted by GreenGeeks, an eco-friendly web hosting company with green company practices and web hosting that is carbon neutral.

Since I moved hosting services, I took the opportunity to change my domain and blog name too. Going forward you can find me at A Stone in the River (astoneintheriver.net). 

I moved over the posts I have made here so far in 2021 to the new site, which is up and running but still a work in progress. Everything else on somanybooksblog.com will stay here. When the domain registration for this site runs out, the URL will revert to somanybooksblog.wordpress.com. I have not yet decided whether I will move over anything else to my new blog or leave it all here and let it slowly decompose and disappear into the void. I have time to work that out.

I started this blog in 2003 and have had a blast. Thank you all for contributing to the joy. The blogging is not over, just moving elsewhere. And hopefully I will stop getting an inbox full of book review solicitations everyday!

I’ve a new post at my new location about the Minneapolis Mega-Murder. Hope to see you there!