Poetry Project

I love poetry but recently realized there are quite a few poets winning Pulitzers and being honored as a Poet Laureate of whom I have never heard. And since poetry should be a year-round event and not reserved only for April’s National Poetry Month, it seems like a good idea to make a project. In no particular order, I am working my way through the U.S. Poets Laureate and poetry Pulitzer winners. This page will serve as an index for the project.

7 thoughts on “Poetry Project”

  1. I read that you love to read poetry. Have you every read anything by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld? Great reading!

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  2. nathalie garcía said:

    Hey! i just love your blog!
    keep the good job.

    Im from dominican republic and its very hard to find good books.
    Thanks God for the internet.

    Thanks to yoy i discover Nikki Giovanni, and i LOVE her.

    If you like poetry, try latinamerican poet Mario Benedetti.


  3. What an excellent idea! I might just have to copy you!


  4. I see the appeal of working one’s way through… something or other. I must say, though, having nothing to choose but US. Poets Laureate and Pulitzer winners sounds unutterably dreary. But I’ll bet working through the state poets laureate would be something.


  5. Hi! My name is Allen Minor and i had a small request. The ebook format of my new book is officially on the Bestsellers List for poetry and is #1 on the Bestsellers List for Hispanic-American Poetry! It is now available in print format, as well! I was hoping that you might consider checking it out and writing a review on amazon, goodreads,  and/or your blog. I’d really appreciate it. Please let me know either way.  Thanks!



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