Does whether you are a cat person or a dog person reveal the kinds of books you like to read? A very unscientific Facebook study reported at Ebook Friendly says it does.

Apparently cat people are more likely to be readers than dog people to begin with. When it comes to what types of books each prefers, cat people read a disproportionate amount of science fiction, fantasy and anime while dog people are big readers of love stories and stories about dogs.

As a cat person myself I can say that, yes, I do read quite a bit of fantasy and science fiction. I have not read any anime. I do not especially enjoy reading books about dogs not because I don’t like dogs, but because more often than not, the dog dies which causes me to break down into a weeping, snotty mess. I know this because I have read enough dog stories to recognize the pattern and I refuse to participate any further in the sobfest. I do not find it cathartic. I take no pleasure in red eyes and a runny nose. I get nothing but a super-sized dose of sadness and there are already so many other things to be sad about I don’t need to add dead dogs to the mix. But a good love story? I am down with a good love story as long as there are no dead dogs in it. Not sure what that says about me and my cat or dog allegiance.

What about you? Cat person, dog person, neither or both? And does your furry preference reveal anything about your reading?

Personally, I think it is time to break out and go non-binary on the dog and cat thing. I mean what about people who keep fish? Or rodents of various kinds? Rabbits? Birds β€” Chickens! The world is much bigger than cats and dogs after all.