All my life no one has ever accused me of being a trendsetter or especially fashionable. I’m one of those who likes what she likes and and couldn’t care less if if it was “in.” But now I find I am so very in style. According to a gaggle of interior decorators and purveyor of decorating taste, House Beautiful, home libraries are in.

A home library has become a place of retreat from the frenzy of the digital world and the world in general. Beautiful shelves, pillows and comfortable chairs, a book and quiet, these designers are talking about it like it is such a great new idea. Imagine, books! In your house! OMG!

Of course they are not crammed on shelves like they are in my house, shelves are not just functional but artistic opportunities. It looks so cool having two floor to ceiling shelves with the books attractively arranged with the spine in. Brilliant! Spine out so you can actually find a book on the shelf is so old fashioned. Something tells me that these libraries are not for people who actually read their books.

I guess I am not as stylish as I thought I was.