Have you ever found yourself wishing you didn’t have to write out the whole word “the” all the time? And you do write it a lot. It is the most frequently used word in the English language. I can’t say that I have ever thought writing out “the” was such an onerous business, I mean it is only three letters long. In college when I had to take notes, and we are talking pre-laptop era, I would pretty much leave “the” out entirely. It’s one of those words you can drop and still understand what is going on.

But apparently Paul Mathis in Australia thinks that we need a ligature for “the” like we have the ampersand for “and.” So he is advocating β€˜Π‹β€™ be it. In case you can’t tell, that is a capital “T” with the hump of a lowercase ‘h” attached. He even has a website, Twitter account and YouTube video for the symbol.

It’s easy to write, I tried it. But I am not sure I would ever use it like I do an ampersand. It doesn’t belong in formal writing and I think Mathis knows this as he is saying how great it is for use in texting. But like I left out “the” when taking notes in college, I often leave out the word when I text too.

I get where he is coming from in wanting to have a symbol but it just doesn’t seem necessary. Would you use it?